Throughout the last few years I have had the pleasure of making ALL my customers very happy with my whips. Below you will find some testimonials.

I finally had a chance last week to really look over the Raiders 2 whip. All of your dimensions are exactly what I requested. After looking over all my notes and reference photos again, I believe this "Well of Souls whip" is as close as you can get to owning the original. Proportionally all the dimensions appear identical to the screen whip in relation to other known objects used as cross reference. I had only a brief chance to use the whip do to rain and snow. The weight of thong is felt more toward the end of the whip and overall response is slower. That being said I believe the whips feel (or action) is true to a vintage 80's Morgan, and that is what this whip is all about.

The longer grip area thin body and oversize TH give this whip the PERFECT "look".

I have been waiting almost 30 years to get this bullwhip and you made it happen.
Thank you very much, I am extremely pleased!

Greg V.
East Hampton, CT, USA

If you are looking for a perfectly screen accurate Raiders of the Lost Ark whip, look no further (unless you have a time machine and can travel back to David Morgan's shop circa 1981!)  Bernardo's whip is tough yet beautiful, elegantly crafted, and quite literally the best looking Raiders whip on the market.  And it's one heck of a superb whip.  I just got mine, and I'm already ordering another!  Bravo, Bernardo!  Keep up the good work!  Oh yeah, and did I mention that Bernardo is a super nice guy?  The customer service he provides is worth the price of the whip alone!  Thanks again!

Daren Henry Wilkerson
Castro Valley, CA, USA


My whip arrived this morning!!!

Wow what can I say! I could not be any more pleased with this whip than I am.  As good as the photos you took where, they still did not do the whip justice; I had an instant familiarity to it as soon as I unpackaged it. You managed to nail all the details that had been important to me on this whip and a few that even weren’t!

Not only did you hit a home run with the look of the whip that I was after, but I worked with it for a bit this afternoon and thought that it handled beautifully even right out of the package.

Job well done Sir and thank you!

Dan Borton,
Moderator, IndyGear.com
Garden City, Michigan, USA

Hey, Bernardo!

Just wanted to let you know, I got the whip yesterday. My god, what a thing of beauty! It practically feels alive in my hands. I finally got to take it out for some cracking last night, and man, what an incredible experience! I tried circus cracks, flicks, overhand cracks, and while I'm still working on my technique, anytime I did it right, it let out the most satisfyingly loud cracks I could imagine.

Everything about the whip is top notch, from the super tight braiding to the perfect balance. I realized last night that one of the ways you can tell this whip was made by an expert craftsman is that it lets you know when you're cracking it right. Every time I cracked it properly, it felt different in my hands. It was suddenly light and flowing, like it wanted to crack.

Thank you so much, it's really something very special. Now I just have to make myself sit still and do my job instead of going home and playing with it!

Mark K.
Burbank, CA, USA


Bernardo, what can I say? I'm speechless. The whip is absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough for such a fine piece of work. It was worth every minute of waiting and I can't wait to start breaking it in. It handles great, has a good weight, and the specs are amazing. Thanks so much again and best wishes!

Patrick H.
Carthage, TN, USA

Bernardo, the whip is fantastic! I'm really looking forward to breaking it in over the next few months. My only complaint is that I don't have the money to order a few more from you right now. I do hope to order again from you in the future, though.
Again, many thanks. It's a little surreal to actually hold one of these in my hands after obsessing over them for so many years. Your reputation is well deserved!
Take care, my friend!

Stan W.
Huntsville, AL, USA

Bernardo!! I have it and it looks awesome!! It is absolutely beautiful and well worth the wait. Thanks so much for your attention to detail!

Sean H.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Bernardo, my whip has arrived...it is perfect and WONDERFUL!!!
I love this whip. Once again it is just what I was hoping for. The style of braiding is just the way I like it. I think you are the most perfect of the Indy whipmakers because you capture the correct approach to braiding style, and basic 'look' of a Morgan.
I now have a true Raiders, a true Indy 4 in Morgan style, so I am as close to my childhood dream of having a real Indy bullwhip as it's possible to get. Thank you!

Jonathan O.,
Queensland, Australia

Hi Bernardo! I picked the whip on Monday night at the post office. It is amazing. I couldn't be happier. Man, it is solid and beautiful! Art my friend, Art. Thanks again for your work.

David I.
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The whip arrived on Saturday morning and even though i'd devoured those great pictures you had kindly sent in advance, nothing really prepares you for the look & feel of the real thing.
Sir, what an artist you are and what an item it is. I just adore it and the quality of the thing surpasses all my expectations. When you read the write-up's/reviews of your work they are always of an exemplary standard but I don't think anybody has truly captured what a privilege owning one of your whips is. I'll try and express it myself soon.
Meantime, many, many thanks - Another satisfied customer..!

Martin L.
Birmingham, U.K.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Bernardo does amazing work. The attention to detail he puts into each piece and the technical aspects of his workmanship are flawless. You would be hard pressed to find a better Indiana Jones bullwhip whip made by anyone. Just wait to you get out and start using it, I think you will find that it roll out effortlessly and crack on cue and no he isn’t paying me to say that!

Dan Borton,
Garden City, MI, USA - Moderator, IndyGear.com

Just received my 9-foot Raiders from Bernardo. WOW. Talk about excitement right out of the box. Simply beautiful work - The Cairo street fight jumping right off the screen and onto my front door! Bernardo has made it a life's pursuit to resurrect David Morgan's Indy-era whips with perfect detail.
I took the whip for a spin on Sunday and MAN! This is the finest whip I have ever handled! I've NEVER had the experience of a whip that does everything well! this del Carpio does it ALL with style and every throw comes off with an equally loud bang, something I've never seen/heard before. Either this whip makes it easy, or my 14 years of whipcracking really gave me some skills that my other whips were hiding from me! For the first time I felt like I might be on par with Indiana Jones!
I can't thank you enough Bernardo!

M. French -
Norcross, Georgia, USA

My KOTCS bullwhip from Bernardo is a truly beautiful whip. The craftmanship is incredible. This is a man who truly does have a passion for whipmaking. I don't expect I'll be replacing it any time soon. Thanks Bernardo!

Fred K. -
Dixon, MO, USA

Well, what can I say other than my whip is absolutely perfect. It looks even better in real life. When I'm holding it in my hands I can't believe it - it looks exactly like the whip from Raiders. I have seen many, many good whips over the years, and Bernardo's is every bit as good or better than the best I have seen.
It cracks easily and loudly and is a joy to use. It is now my favorite whip! I saw it sitting coiled on my desk the other day and I walked in, forgetting momentarily that it was there, and stopped in my tracks, amazed by how authentic and good it looked. Up close it is fantastic too - very neat and tight plaiting, and excellent leather.
Bernardo is a wonderful person to communicate with. His whip is exactly what I wanted and even excelled what I was hoping for. I can see that Bernardo is going to be (if he isn't already) a famous whipmaker. Sorry if this testimonial sounds a bit adulatory but I can't help it. Bernardo deserves it!
Thank you Bernardo.

Jonathan O.
Queensland, Australia

Bernardo, Your whip is everything I expected -- I love it. My thanks to you for such great work. I've already spent several evenings and afternoons annoying my neighbors. ;)
Thanks again, and if I'm ever in the market for another whip, I certainly know who I'm ordering from -- and who I'd recommend!
Kind regards,

Kirk F.
New London, CT, USA

Bernardo’s craftsmanship is immaculate and the whip looks as great as it feels... I have seen many photos of Bernardo’s work but I was not prepared for the tightness of plaiting and the overall quality.
I don’t know if his work was always this good or if it has gotten better through his brief visit with David Morgan, but I can definitely recommend his work.
The best thing about my new whip was the opportunity to communicate with Bernardo. He is humble and offers fantastic customer service. He is also very open to specs. I didn’t send him any photos but described a TOD/LC style with tapered handle, vintage Morgan spacing between knots and robust thong transition in the ten foot length. Those were my specs and that is exactly what I got! If you are considering buying a premium Indy style whip, I recommend that you drop a line to Bernardo, you will not be sorry!

Jeffrey F.
Gaston, Indiana, USA

I am fortunate to have several of Bernardo’s whips in both Kangaroo and Kip. Bernardo’s whips are very well made: the plaiting is detailed, tight, nicely tapered, and well rolled. And, the weight and balance suit my taste. In addition to being very skilled, Bernardo is very responsive, accommodating, and he takes pride in his work.

Fred M.
Glendora, California, USA

This thing is GREAT! It is very well made, as evidenced by one simple fact: I could crack it overhead on the first try. Literally, my first try cracking overhead EVER and it gave me a really satisfying loud POW! crack. I was stunned. I’d had a whip previously that was nowhere near as well made. I could crack it using the forward crack, but had tried (unsuccessfully) to do an overhead crack. With just a passing recollection of the Bullwhip FAQ’s instructions on how to do the overhead crack, I tried again with the new whip... man, did that make a difference!
So, why do I praise the whip? Mostly because I think the whip was doing all the work. I just sort of moved it around. I mean, I give myself some credit, but I do recognize that a BIG part of this is the whip’s construction, and the ease with which I was able to crack it.
So, if you’re in the market and you’ve got the cash, I can wholeheartedly recommend Bernardo’s stuff. It’s made well enough that a relative newbie like myself can crack it with ease.

Gil F.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I got the whip yesterday morning... It cracks effortlessly and is a good looking whip. It is very fluid and cracks loudly. This whip has become one of my favorites in my collection and is a blast to use. Thanks again!

Calvin S.
Tampa, Florida, USA